Pinterest Mystery Set

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Pinterest is like the ultimate visual search engine with all the trendiest nail art ever. If you like a little fun and excitement (and trust my skills) - try the Pinterest mystery set. 

How it works:

  1. Choose your fave nail shape & your size
  2. Choose your art tier (details below)
  3. Choose your keyword(s) (hint - search them yourself on Pinterest first to see what comes up)
  4. Optional, leave a few details on what you really do NOT want included or really WANT included (for example, certain colors you really love or hate)

Art tiers:

Examples will be posted as they come. Details are examples and final designs may include more/less depending on my honest value of the set. I will try to be as transparent as possible while still keeping it a mystery.

  • TIER 1 - basic, simple art, multiple colors and finishes, up to 2 simple accent nails (no crystals or 3D)
  • TIER 2 - above + a bit more detailed, 2-4 accent nails, a few small crystals, metal pieces
  • TIER 3 - all above + detailed art on a couple nails, some crystals, 
  • TIER 4 - all above + detailed art on some nails, more crystals, full crystal nail, large crystals, 3D

Please note that this is a mystery set and designs will vary. You won't get to choose the design, only the keywords.