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How long do they last?

With proper nail prep and care when your nails are applied (nails are jewels not tools) your nails will look and last the best. With double sided adhesive nails can last from 1 to 7 days. With a good liquid nail glue nails can last 7 to 21 days. See below for how to prep and apply your nails.

What's the difference between regular nails and "sculpted"?

The main difference is the structure of the nail. "Sculpted" nails in a salon refer to using a form to build a nail out of gel/acrylic instead of gluing on a tip - in the press on world, a sculpted nail refers to a more slender and refined nail shape. Generally, the sculpted press ons are stronger because of their shape, however, they are more curved and may not fit well on flatter nail beds.

What's the difference between a "full set", sized set, and custom set?

full set contains at least 20 nails, two nails in each size, for a set that fits most people. It's good for those who are unsure of their size or want a set of nails to wear while they figure out their sizing.

sized set is a set of 10 nails in the most common sizes, ranging from extra small nails to large. Please note that they do not have any connection to your clothes size (if you wear a medium shirt, your nails may not be medium too).

Custom sized sets are made based on your measurements or numerical nail sizes. This option does not cost extra, but Exhale Hate Nails is not responsible for improper measurements causing nails that do not fit. Custom sizing can be added at checkout or emailed with the order number after an order has been placed.

Is adhesive (glue) included?

Adhesive is included in our nail kits, either nail tabs or liquid glue. It is not automatically included so we can keep prices down as much as possible. 

How do I apply my nails?

Always start with clean, dry nails with no nail polish. Match proper sizes to each nail and brush glue on, or apply nail stickers to nail, and line nail up at your cuticles then press down for at least 10 seconds (follow directions on glue).
Avoid soaking nails in tub or dish water, and activities that may damage or cause nails to pop off. If a nail does pop off, follow instructions to remove remaining glue, then reapply.

How do I remove my nails?

For most liquid glues and adhesive stickers soak nails in tolerably hot soapy water, lifting nails GENTLY until they come off. Do not pull straight up, if pain occurs stop and soak longer. Remove extra glue from nails, dry and put away for next time!

DO NOT pick off nails! This will damage both your natural nail as well as the false nail and could render it unusable for next time!

Tip: Place a bowl of olive/almond/jojoba oil in a bigger bowl of hot water. This will heat the oil and moisturize your hands and nails while loosening the adhesive! Not advised for matte nails.

What is the cancellation fee and why am I being charged?

A $10CAD cancellation fee is charged to unpaid invoices next time you plan to order (custom/invoice or website). Typically when I create an invoice for someone we have emailed back and forth several times about what exactly they would like to order, I put all the details in a note and create a custom invoice to email instead of checking out on the website like normal. However, sometimes, even after a quote has been confirmed, the invoice is sent, left unpaid, and I don't get responses to any emails. It wastes time I could have spent working on other orders, new designs, etc., therefore a charge is added to the next order to cover my time. 

For custom/invoice orders the $10 fee will be added to the invoice.

For website orders a separate invoice/PayPal order will be sent for the fee before the order is started, if the fee is not paid, the order will be cancelled. 

What is the restocking fee and why am I being charged?

The restocking fee helps cover costs incurred by cancelling, changing, etc., an open order. Depending when your order is placed, it may be started immediately to have it shipped to you as fast as possible! However, if your order has been completed and you decide to change/cancel the time and product has been essentially wasted. With so many options in the shop, it is hard to resell your exact order to get the money back.

• If orders are cancelled after 24 hours a restocking fee of 25% of the order may be applied.

• If an order has been made and your address cannot be confirmed with Canada Post or USPS and you cannot confirm your address, the order will be cancelled and refunded less the 25% fee.

• If an order is completed and has not been shipped, cancelling or changing the order will result in being charged the 25% restocking fee.

Exceptions may be made if an order hasn't been started, but cannot be guaranteed.

Wholesale orders

Prices start at $490CAD/$372US and take a minimum of 2 weeks to fulfill.

Special pricing is available for wholesale orders (minimum order of 50 sets) at 40%. Nail Kits and Sizing Kits do not count towards the minimum but also receive the discount. For individual boxes for each set (ideal for resale), please add $0.50 per set. Shipping is a flat rate of $15CAD/$9.50US. 

Calculating your wholesale order:

Add 50+ sets to cart SUBTRACT 40% from the total. Then ADD $0.50 per set ($25 for 50 sets) and shipping for your area. 

I'm looking for a gift/something custom, can you make something?

Absolutely! Just leave details and a picture with your deposit here, or contact me ( and we can work towards the perfect gift or custom set for any occasion. Custom pricing varies depending on the desired design, materials used, and time put into them. Please also note that if you are adding a gift set to your own order, or have multiple sets you would like packed separate from other nails, there's a $5 fee per "gift" to cover the extra packaging and shipping fees that may occur.