Sizing & Nail Shapes



Sizing kits are the easiest way to get a perfect fit (click here) or full set that you can wear right away while also getting your perfect sizing for future orders. 

You can also measure your nails with a flexible measuring tape or a piece of scotch tape and a fine point pen/marker:

1. Place tape across the widest part of your nails and make sure to push into the sides as much as you can
2. Using a pen or fine tip marker, draw a line on each side of your nail
3. Remove each piece of tape and measure from the outside of each line (it's better to be a bit bigger than a bit too small)
4. Match your sizes to the set sizes (below) or choose custom as your size and add your measurements in millimeters in a note at checkout


Nail Shapes

*Most shapes are available site wide, however, there are some "specialty" shapes that are only available in full sets or special request due to sizing discrepancies.

Nail shape guide