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Mystery Set

$35.00 - $154.00
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For those that like my style and aren't set on what they would like. Choose your keywords and let me have creative freedom! 

How it works:

  1. Choose your fave nail shape & your size
  2. Choose your art tier (details below)
  3. Choose your theme keyword(s) (hint - search them on Pinterest/TikTok/Instagram first to see what comes up)
  4. Optional, leave a few details on your boundaries - what you really do NOT want included or really WANT included (for example, certain colors you hate or no crystals/charms)

Art tiers:

Examples will be posted as they come. Details are examples and final designs may include more/less depending on the value of the set. Final designs will be valued at cost or higher (usually higher for Tier 2-4).

  • TIER 1 - basic, simple art, multiple colors and finishes, up to 2 simple accent nails (no crystals, chrome or 3D)
  • TIER 2 - above + a bit more detailed, 2-4 accent nails, chrome, minimal small crystals, metal pieces
  • TIER 3 - all above + detailed art on a couple nails, some crystals, charms, 3D
  • TIER 4 - all above + detailed art on some nails, more crystals, full crystal nail, large crystals

Please note that this is a mystery/freestyle set and designs will vary. You won't get to choose the design, only the keywords that define the theme of the nail and what aspects you would like me to avoid.