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$35.00 - $45.00
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Pastel blue nails with magical holo blue and snowflake accents. Queen Elsa would approve.

10 nails made in your favorite nail shape and length made to order - due to the limited availability, full sets are not available.

Options to include liquid nail glue (2+ weeks wear time), tabs (1-5 day wear time), or just a prep kit.

Prep kits include a mini nail file, buffer, wood cuticle stick, 2 alcohol wipes, and your choice of glue or no glue.

Adding extra durabilty adds a layer of hard gel making nails slightly thicker and harder. If you're unsure, try them without first! Most shorter and mid length sets are durable without. Short Square, Long Stiletto, Long Almond and Long Coffin are best with the layer of hard gel.

Every nail order comes with detailed prep, application, and removal tips to make sure you get the best looking nails every time.