About Us

Not just another press on maker..

A personal story about the birth of Exhale Hate Nail Design

Exhale Hate Nail Design was established in 2011. Born from the introduction of Pinterest and not having enough nails to paint. I happened to stumble upon a picture of someone wearing painted press ons (back then it was mostly acrylic paint and basic designs) and it quickly clicked that I could be painting nails at all times if I had more than my own nails to paint!

Obviously, there was a lot that happened between then and now, but I won't bore you with the minor details. Long story short, my original goal was to work in a salon and paint nails. I started a blog on tumblr, took a nail tech course, and in 2012 started selling my hand painted press ons on Etsy. Not long after that I decided to expand my knowledge again and took as esthetics course, ending with two part time positions in local salon and spas (one as an esthetician, one as a nail tech). Turned out, my town wasn't as into nail art as I was hoping and I just wasn't as happy as I thought I would be.

Eventually I moved out of town and had to leave my job. Being pregnant at the time, I figured I would start focusing on Etsy again to make some spare change until I could work normally again. During my time having Etsy on the back burner, nail art had grown in popularity and so had Etsy. Earning enough to start the website you are on now!

While I do hope to one day be able to take clients in person again, I am currently very happy running Exhale Hate Nail Design as a quality, virtual salon. If you've spoken with me, you know that I take each order personally and will do as much as possible to make sure your experience is a positive one. Not to toot my own horn, but in the years I've been doing nails, I've only had a handful of complaints (those reviews can still be found at etsy.com/shops/exhalehate if you'd like to look for yourself, but they were mostly complaints on things that could have been avoided by the buyer or things that were out of my control like shipping time). Try it out for yourself! Email hello@exhalehate.com if you don't know quite where to start and I will be happy to help you out!

Courtney <3