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ADD ON: Underside Prep

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Please read full description before ordering.

Prepping the underside of the nail makes your nails last even longer. Extend your wear time by up to 1 week! This should be added to your cart dor EVERY set you'd like prepped. For example, if you're ordering 3 sets add this to your cart 3 times as well.

This ADD ON is best for the following shapes:

Sculpted Stiletto 

Sculpted Midi Stiletto

Sculpted Almond

Sculpted Midi Almond

Sculpted Midi Coffin


Sculpted Midi Oval

Sculpted Midi Square

Sculpted Long Square 

*Please note that the above shapes will be chemically etched on the underside of the nail so please try not touching the underside as much as possible  to avoid getting any residue or oils on the nails and interfering with the adhesion. Liquid glue or nail tabs will both work with this method.

Any nail shapes NOT listed above will be physically etched and will look different before being applied. For solid nails (no sheer or clear parts) liquid glue or tabs can be used. For sheer/transparent/clear nails liquid glue is recommended so the etching disappears.